Eporio is a marketplace for NFT tokens with the aim to lower the costs for both creators and collectors.

NFT means non-fungible token and it represents a unique or a limited asset whose ownership is secured by the blockchain technology.

Some examples of NFT tokens are game items or artwork that people can own and trade as they please.

Most of the crypto marketplaces nowadays live on the Ethereum blockchain whose operational cost called GAS has reached really high levels.

To this fee, you need to add the platform ones and the results might be unbearable for some items.

So how can Eporio be less expensive?

Eporio uses proof of stake blockchains like GnosisChain (xDai) and Celo where transaction fees never exceed a couple of cents.

The proof of stake is a way a blockchain verifies transactions without using a lot of computing power.

This enables cheaper and more sustainable transactions.

If you want to know more about these chains you can use the following links:

Let's start!

To trade on Eporio and safely store your NFT tokens you need a wallet.

The following guides are for xDai users but they can work for other blockchains as well. If you would like some more details regarding Celo wallets please go to the Celo website.

If you are on desktop we suggest downloading the Metamask or Nifty Wallet Chrome browser extension.

For mobile users instead, AlphaWallet would be the best option.

After downloading Nifty Wallet, create a new account and store the 12 recovery words in a safe place, better if offline like on a piece of paper.

Once the account is set up you need to switch to the xDai chain, to do so select the downward arrow on the top-left of the wallet.

Next, you need to select the xDai network in the dropdown.

Congratulations! You are now ready to connect and start trading on Eporio!

After installing AlphaWallet, create a new account and go over to the settings tab.

Make sure you backup your 12 recovery words in a safe offline place like a piece of paper.

Once you have written down your recovery words, click on "Select Active Network" to switch to the xDai network.

Select xDai from the list.

It's time to go to Eporio! Select the browser tab on the bottom navigation bar.

Type "" in the search bar and confirm.

Done! You are now able to trade on Eporio, congratulations!

To be able to use Metamask you need to set to the xDai network as a custom RPC.

After downloading the extension, create an account and make sure you store the 12 recovery words in a safe offline place like a piece of paper.

Once the account has been set up, click on the downward arrow on the top of the wallet next to the "Ethereum Mainnet" network.

Select the "Custom RPC" option at the bottom of the list.

Fill in the network details as shown in the picture below.

Save the changes and you will now be able to connect to Eporio on the xDai chain!

Time to trade

On the browse page, you can check all the NFT tokens listed on Eporio, if you are looking for a specific item and you know the contract address you can type it in the search bar to look for it.

If you are looking for a specific seller instead you can do the same and search its address on the search bar.

Once you have found an item that you like, you can select and buy it from the preview page.

After completing the transaction you will be able to see your token in your wallet, or in the profile page if the token was created on Eporio.

If you want to sell an Eporio token go to the profile page and select the token you want to sell.

Click on the sell button to set a price for your listing, then click on the confirmation button and unlock your token to allow Eporio to list it.

For the final confirmation, you need to click on the sell button after the unlock has been succeded and your listing will finally be ready.

If you want to sell a custom token instead go to the create page and type its address and id, then you can follow the same steps.

You can send your tokens from the button on your profile or from the send icon on the token page.

On the send page set up to 100 transfers, unlock your tokens and you are ready to go.

On the token page, you can place an offer that best suits you for a token you would like to get.

To do so, click on the offer button under the related section and select the price and the amount of tokens.

Upon confirmation, the sum of xDai you specified will be deposited. In case the owner will accept your bid, the sum will be transferred to him in exchange for the token you selected.

You can remove your bid at any time to withdraw your deposit.

After connecting to your wallet click on the Profile tab to head over to your dashboard.

Here you can get xDai by clicking on the "Load xDai" button.

Eporio's mission is to lower the entrance barrier to all blockchain newcomers.

To achieve this we allow anyone to list their tokens and offers without adding anything to the blockchain fees.

We ask in return 5% of each sale or a fixed fee different by chain when transferring tokens to cover operational costs.

Minting fees are there to work as a commitment for the art uploaded, and their value depends on the specific blockchain you are using.

Royalties are a way to reward over time NFT creators for their work.

At the moment of minting it is possible to associate a set percentage ratio with a token that will be applied to all secondary sales related to that specific token.

As an example when a creator sets 5% royalties on a token if the buyer sells that same token for 100 xDai the original creator will get 5 xDai and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

The tokens you can mint on Eporio are of type ERC1155, this is a token standard widely supported in the web3 space.

However some applications like Metamask or the xDai blockchain explorer (Blockscout) are not showing them in their respective UIs yet, but they are actively working on improvements on this side.

This does not mean that your tokens are not registered on the blockchain, but rather that you need to wait for the specific application you are using to start supporting ERC1155 tokens.

To protect users' creations and ensure artwork uniqueness, Eporio has implemented a smart check that validates media for duplicates at the time of minting.

Automations are great but they can also have a margin of error, so if you believe there has been a copyright infringement please contact us at describing the issue with both the links to the original art and to the reported one.

If you have any questions that have not been addressed or a specific request feel free to contact us: